A person who is stable and established in his self is a healthy person. Both, physical and mental healths are significant. A person cannot say that he is physically healthy but has no interest in life. The enthusiasm for life depicts how healthy a person is. Sickness and bad health are generally considered as impurities of mind, body, and speech. Even your own, as well as other’s speech, can cause distress in you.

Mind, body, and soul are like a tripod – If one of these three aspects is not functioning well, your life will lose balance, and it will lead to sickness and devastated health. Yoga acts as a link and creates an accord and harmony among all the three above-mentioned aspects.

Yoga is a vital part of life. It helps you getting rid of the impurities of your mind and unites everything with the soul. For example, Headache can be connected to sleeplessness, stress or depression. The issue should be addressed instead of only taking medication. In this way, you have a bigger perception of your mind, soul, body, thoughts, and emotions. It becomes easier for you to guide your energies positively for making progress in life.

You can practice Yoga at any time provided you are fully focused. Your mind and body have to be connected. Yoga will not have much effect if your awareness is not there. In Yoga, each asana (posture) has a different name and standing postures include, backbends, core holds, inversions, seated twists, and arm balances. Yoga, as a whole, provides benefits more than you can imagine.

5 Reasons Why Yoga is GOOD For YOU

  1. Depreciates stress and boost your mood

Some Yoga techniques help synchronize your mind with your breathing pattern and help you stop your “inner dialogue” and “mind chatter”. This will make you feel relaxed and relieved. Practicing these breath related Yoga techniques increase level of oxygen in the brain. Hence, leave you to feeling happier and contented with daily life.

  1. Boosts Confidence

The acts of meditation and Yoga release tensions from your mind. Hence, you feel confident about yourself. You are more likely to make an internal connection with yourself when you are free from worries and anxieties. It helps making relationships better as it improves your perceptions of others.

  1. Helps losing weight

Stress is one of the major contributors to obesity. Yoga and meditation help you relax your mind and body and allow you to reduce weight naturally.

  1. Better muscle tone and vigor

Asanas (posture) like downward and upward dog have a deep effect on your upper body’s strength and vigor. Standing postures also help strengthening your leg muscles and backbone. Likewise, every pose strengthens some muscles of your body if practiced safely.

  1. Improves breathing and controls blood pressure

Your lung capacity increases if you do Yoga breathing techniques in the right way. Your stamina and endurance also increase. Moreover, calming Yoga and meditation slow down your heartbeat rate, this in turn, lowers the blood pressure and helps developing immunity against a myriad of diseases